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Parliament praises arrest of terrorist cell
August 15, 2015, 11:54 am

Deputy National Assembly Speaker Mubarak Al-Khurainij lauded the Ministry of Interior's efforts in arresting a terrorist cell that possessed a huge arsenal of weapons, explosives and ammunitions. In a press statement on Friday, Al-Khurainij urged to prosecute these terrorists as soon as possible and to find out who was behind this pre-planned operation that aimed at jeopardizing the security of the country.

He called on all Kuwaiti societal sectors to be united to face this imminent danger that lives within the fabric of the society. On Thursday, three members of a terror cell were arrested and a huge arsenal of weapons, ammunition and explosives were seized by security forces. Security forces found 56 RPG shells and an amount of ammunition on a farm in Al-Abdeli, owned by a first terrorist identified as H. A, a Kuwaiti born in 1968.

Three firearms and another amount of ammunition were found at the house of a second suspect, A. H, born in 1981. Three bags of weapons, ammunition and various explosive materials were seized from the house of a third, born in 1980. According to the Ministry of Interior, the three confessed that they had joined a terrorist organization and led the security forces to where the weapons and the explosives were hidden.

On the farm and in the three houses, the forces seized 19 kg of ammunition, 144 kg of TNT, PE4 and other explosive materials, three RPGs, 204 grenades and electric detonators. The three terrorists have been referred to the concerned authorities for more interrogation.

Source: KUNA

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