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Parliamentary Committees tackle salary scale and domestic workers
May 10, 2015, 9:36 am

Several parliamentary committees have been deliberating on priority issues such as those related to the strategic alternative to the salary scale, domestic workers and the final report on possession of farmlands; with the hope of ratifying relevant laws within the current parliamentary term, reports a local daily. Member of the Human Resources Development Committee MP Khalil Al-Saleh revealed the committee will meet on Monday to discuss the strategic alternative to the salary scale as some worker syndicates have expressed objection to the idea. He said the executive authority referred the proposal to the committee and comments in this regard have been recorded for deliberation.

He admitted some of the pay raise schemes in the proposed alternative are not plausible, so he wondered what kind of studies were conducted by the company tasked to deal with the issue before laying down the plan. He asked, “Who are the employees who deserve the increment and who do not deserve it?” Meanwhile, Chairperson of the Finance Committee Faisal Al-Shaye said they will discuss on Monday the proposed establishment of closed shareholding companies for recruiting domestic workers.

He explained these companies will pave way for healthy competition in favor of citizens and expatriates as the move will greatly contribute to efforts to curb the rising cost of hiring domestic workers. He added the committee will invite officials from the ministries of Interior, Social Affairs and Labor, and other concerned agencies, to the meeting.

Moreover, MP Kamil Al-Awadhi affirmed that he supports any recommendation to ease the burdens of citizens, especially in terms of the high cost of recruiting domestic workers. He said he advocates for establishing the company according to the agreement reached by stakeholders in the meeting.

He confirmed his attendance to the Finance Committee meeting on Monday; promising to present details about the issue including questionnaires, viewpoints of concerned organizations and correspondences with Kuwaiti embassies in the countries where domestic workers are recruited. In other news, the parliamentary Public Funds Protection Committee has received documents showing manipulations and contradictions in the report regarding the ‘Gulf 16’ file, reports a local daily quoting sources. Sources pointed out the report has been manipulated in order to protect those involved in the issue and the committee will present the documents soon in a bid to unveil the identities of those behind the anomalies. They confirmed the committee will summon all parties in charge of the file to shed light on the issue, indicating this could turn into another controversial case.

In another development, a local daily has reported that the committee will review the latest developments on the recovery of embezzled Public Institution for Social Security funds in a meeting slated for Sunday. Acting Minister of Commerce and Industry Anas Al-Saleh, Justice Minister Yacoub Al-Sane and Director of the authority Hamad Al-Humaidhi were invited to the meeting. Committee Chairman MP Abdullah Al-Traiji affirmed that they will follow up all governmental procedures taken to track down the former director of the authority who is currently residing abroad, hand him over to the concerned authorities, recover the embezzled money, and punish all those proven to have misappropriated public funds.

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