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Passenger causes 'panic' on Kuwait Airways flight
May 22, 2016, 3:29 pm

A Kuwait Airways flight was disrupted before take-off when a passenger ‘screamed in a threatening manner, causing slight panic’, according to the airline.

Flight 561 was preparing for take-off with 230 passengers on-board on Saturday before a traveller carrying a Jordanian passport said to a steward: “We must liberate Palestine and eliminate infidels.”

The passenger was taken to airport security for questioning.

“This caused a disturbance among the passengers on the plane requiring security personnel to deal with the offender," an airline spokesperson said.  "We ran a re-inspection check on all passenger luggage while summoning airport security as an extra cautionary measure.”

Kuwait’s interior ministry said in a statement: “Security preparedness may entail taking precautionary measures at the airport, such as asking passengers to deplane and re-inspecting luggage and the aircraft.”

“The passenger is a Palestinian with a Jordanian passport and he was born in Bethlehem in 1983,” a security source told the daily. “He was not a resident of Kuwait and was on transit from Pakistan to Jordan. As the passengers were boarding, the traveller asked a steward ‘Are you a Muslim? We must liberate Palestine and eliminate infidels’.

The steward informed the pilot and the passenger was ordered off the aircraft, along with his 12 pieces of luggage, the source added.

Source: Arabian Business

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