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Passion your Way to Success
May 5, 2018, 4:33 pm
In Conversation With Ahmed Ashmawy

Passion is key to life and the path to success in your passion is in itself a dream come true. This is Ahmed Ashmawy a passionate actor who is definitely on the road to becoming a successful actor in Kuwait.

Hailing from a family in Egypt, Ahmed grew up in Kuwait and has been in the country since he was 2 years old. He is an architect by profession and has a degree in architecture. But with his true passion being acting, Ahmed believes that even this journey as an architect is part of his road to being an actor.

It is indeed amazing to see such positivity and sheer determination and this is what got The Times Kuwait to talk to Ahmed about his day to day life as an architect and an actor in Kuwait.

Something special you do to start your day?

It’s more of a mental thing I do. Every day when I wake up I tell myself I’m in Kuwait as a stepping stone for my acting career which gives me the motivation to do my best in everything I do even in my job as an architect because Kuwait wasn’t a part of my plans initially. But now that I’m here, I tell myself to make the best of the city in every way I can which would definitely lead me one day to do the only one thing I love, acting.

Why the decision to be an architect?

I actually never knew what to pursue after my high school but when I got back to Egypt to continue my studies after high school somehow something about buildings their shape and how they connect with each other felt artistic, hence I decided to pursue architecture and become an engineer.

One thing you make sure you do during your routine day?

I am always on the hunt for opportunities for my acting career, whether it’s a play or acting classes I make sure to spend time every day to look out and find such opportunities in Kuwait. You can say my day never finishes at 5, it actually starts then.

What are some of the challenges you have faced to keep both careers in balance?

I work for a company called Lines in Kuwait with their production department. We are an interior design company for retail shops and houses. One of the best and most lucky things that I have at Lines is an amazing Manager who also understands my passions after work and is quite supportive of the same.

Often when I have a rehearsal or shoot that could finish only in the morning just before work, I would have to go to work like a zombie which I would say is a big challenge or sometimes I would have to skip work for certain shoots but having an amazing team such as mine usually reduces that challenge quite a bit.

When did acting become a passion and how did it all start?

Growing up, during my high school days I always knew acting was what I loved. It has always been a gut feeling that this is what I would be good at but I never thought it could be a fulfilling career.

During my second year in college when I decided architecture was not my thing, I quit college to discover myself and what I wanted but I still wasn’t sure acting was my calling. So as you can see I was kind of lost and confused.

But when I went back to architecture due to family reasons, it made me realize that though acting was my calling but I needed architecture in order to reach that calling although both are totally opposites.

Hence you can say focusing on completing my architecture degree to eventually venture out into acting has been my first step to taking up my passion.

About your journey as an actor in Kuwait?

During my college days in Egypt acting was just about some amateur vines, YouTube and Facebook videos but Kuwait has been much more than just that in terms of my acting career. Actually I’m quite surprised how this city has turned out to be my stepping stone into real professional acting, but I guess that is Kuwait, we get what we least expect.

So the first thing I did when I came back to Kuwait after my degree was to google about acting schools in Kuwait and that was how I got introduced to LOYAC and I joined LAPA. At first my time was filled with workshops and rehearsals but then my first opportunity came by when I became part of a local play that led to the next local professional play.

Things slowly evolved from there and it’s like each opportunity I got connected me to the next and the next.

That’s how a director from LA who wanted to shoot his film in Kuwait came to LAPA and I happened to get introduced to him which led me to my next big venture, my first big break, to be a part of his movie. This then later led to my latest opportunity to be a part of a famous Kuwaiti singer’s music video.

So it’s been an amazing journey, the last two years since I got back.

Tell us about your practice and rehearsal sessions? How do you manage your time?

It’s all about time management I believe, and I usually have things planned in my mind a day in advance. This is how my day usually ends. I make a plan which allows me to carry the cloths I need and setup the things I require for each rehearsal I have, as I like to rehearse in character always.

And I always make sure to have a plan to complete any task in the stipulated time so as to keep up with my continuous schedules. It’s like a cycle of being an architect to an actor and then back to an architect.

Most memorable memory in Kuwait?

It was on 10 February, 2017, my first professional play in Kuwait. It was a play against violence and what was most memorable was it was definitely a big challenge as we got the script on a Thursday and we had to perform the play on a Friday. It wasn’t a big play but that was the sign and start to my professional acting career.

- By Meryl M, Exclusive to The Times, Kuwait 

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