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Pay KD 350 and get Master’s degree in just a ‘single’ day
January 19, 2017, 8:38 am

After less than two years of scandal concerning the sale of ‘adviser certificates’ for KD 300, the ministries of Education and Higher Education has yet to resolve the fate of forged certificates, reports Al-Jarida daily.

Another scandal surfaced when an arbitration center in Egypt announced the possibility of obtaining a Master’s degree for just KD 350, after undergoing training for just 24 hours, under the supervision of the Faculty of Law at Kuwait University.

The new scandal is not only about granting certificates but also ratification of the Egyptian government and approval of the Kuwaiti embassy in Egypt, noting that the center has declared coordination with the Kuwait University, Faculty of Law, and that the program is for only 24 hours — four hours of six evening classes — after which the trainees will give the exam and everyone will pass and obtain the Master’s degree, which means no one will fail in the words of an employee at the center.

It has been reported the participants in the said program shall receive a certificate of attendance from the Faculty of Law at Kuwait University, and a certificate from the Arbitration Centre in Geneva and a certificate from the International Bar Association in London.

The center confirms that the certificates can be authenticated from the Egyptian Foreign Ministry and the Kuwaiti Embassy in Egypt, after the payment of fees. The center pointed out those who pass the program shall have three memberships — the International Bar Association in London, the US Law Association, and the Geneva International Centre for Arbitration.

Source: Arab Times

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