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People in Kuwait wake happiest on Thursdays
April 19, 2015, 9:10 am

People in Kuwait wake up the latest and the happiest on Thursdays when the average number of sleeping hours is six hours and 15 minutes as most of them sleep around 12:14 am and wake up at around 8:01 am, reports a local daily quoting results of a survey conducted by Britain-based Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail analyzed the sleeping patterns of 941,300 male and female users of the Sleep Cycle smart phone application in different parts of the world.

Kuwait was ranked 43rd among 50 countries in terms of national average sleep quality, with Slovakia on top and Malaysia at the bottom.

According to the Daily Mail, the Sleep Cycle app tracks the users’ sleep as they go through a cycle of sleep phases. It uses the phone’s accelerometer to identify phases by tracking movements in bed and wakes users up during their lightest sleep phase, using a pre-defined 30-minute alarm window

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