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People unhappy over collapse of buildings
April 6, 2015, 3:21 pm

Several Kuwaiti and expatriate construction workers, consultants, members of the Municipal Council, officials from the Union of Kuwaiti Contracting Companies and religious leaders expressed displeasure on the recent collapse of buildings under construction in which many workers died, reports a local daily.

Faraj Abu Zeynahm disclosed the collapse of buildings under construction or part of completed buildings has become rampant due to cheating in the use of specified materials and clear lapses noted in some of the buildings.

He wondered why the concerned officials did not demolish those buildings before caving in and claiming lives. Abu Seyyid said he has been residing in Salmiya for many years during which he observed that owners of some old buildings renovated them and raised the buildings by about three more floors. He expressed fear that such buildings could collapse and kill the tenants. He also observed some dilapidated buildings at various locations and these buildings could collapse on passersby at any time.

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