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Philippine Embassy visits Iraq and Kuwait border
June 28, 2014, 4:28 pm

Official of the Philippine embassy and media paid a visit to the Kuwait and Iraq border for an inspection of the area. Consul General Atty. Raul Dado spoke to the media on the current situation and preparedness of the embassy should the unrest in Iraq spills over in Kuwait.

Consul General dado told the media that the border of both countries is business as usual and that this could be verified via easy travel flow of trucks and other vehicles travelling to and fro both countries and that no restrictions have been implemented. “We have just been to the border and the situation is peaceful. We would like to assure you that the problem in Iraq will be resolved soon and that Kuwait is secured and safe,” commented the Consul General.

Atty. Dado added further that the embassy is in constant communication and coordination with the Department of Foreign Affairs and ready to receive Filipinos in Iraq for their usual documentary needs. He added that the embassy will meet with different leaders of the community to provide on updates as to the current situation. “We are just being careful although there are no imminent dangers to the country. We have spoken to the highest officials of Kuwait and they have given assurance that the country is safe and that there is no need for alarm. I urge all Filipinos to remain complacent and go on with their usual daily activities and work and not to hype any news or hearsays on the current situation in Iraq without basis”, stated Atty. Dado.

There are 185,000 Filipinos currently employed in Kuwait and are engaged in different job sectors. During the first Iraq war, thousands of Filipinos fled to different areas in the Middle East although many opted to remain and volunteered in rebuilding the communities. Several Filipinos were dismayed as to how the embassy then handled the situation and that there was  lack of assistance as well as coordination that prompted many to flee on their own to different areas in the region.

Commenting on the issue, Atty. Dado said that the embassy has contingency plans and mapped out details as to how the embassy in cooperation with different organizations of Filipinos will implement these details. He added that organizations have a database of their members and the embassy as well. Communication will be easier. “Let us assure the Filipinos that the embassy is prepared and ready to assist the OFWs,” ended Atty. Dado.

- Ricky Laxa
Staff writer

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