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Philippine Embassy welcomes new officials
May 19, 2014, 11:22 am

The Philippine Embassy in Kuwait welcomes its new officers who recently assumed posts. First Secretary and Consul Jabbar Adiong previously assigned in Qatar and Third Secretary and vice Consul Shiena Tesorero from Washington DC will perform different duties in assistance to the nationals and community. Brief interviews with both officials detailed their work designations and functions.

Previously posted in Qatar, Consul Adiong found the country and its residents peaceful. He said that there were no expectations about Kuwait prior to his assignment. “I have been assigned to work closely with the community, promote bilateral ties between the two countries and serve as consul and attend to marriages, visas and passports. There were no other agenda as to my post but perform and execute my duties as consul and directives of the Ambassador” commented Consul Adiong.

With knowledge and information that embassy posts have suffered tremendous setbacks due to different accusations hurled at the officials by nationals, Consul Adiong did not consider such issues and concerns but focus his attention to provide efficient and immediate assistance and response to Filipino nationals in the country. “I could speak on behalf for me and the new officers that we are here to serve the community and will remain neutral without favor or biases and provide service and expect nothing from us but hundred percent hard works” said Consul Adiong.

Vice Consul Tesorero never had second thoughts on being posted to Kuwait amidst previous crises between embassy officials and nationals. “It’s a huge jump from Washington to Kuwait, I believe we as officials should be prepared to face challenges and go to where we can make a difference in our service. Kuwait post had a “no taker” status and without doubt I emailed the human resources office at the Philippines’ Department of foreign Affairs and requested for this post,” commented Vice Consul Tesorero.

Assist the nationals on issues of labor, immigration; marital disputes including personal concerns by nationals will be Vice Consul Tesorero’s functions as embassy official. She has managed to address national concerns on abuse, maltreatment, trafficking, prostitution, sex slavery, marital disputes and others in particular among household workers. “We would like to contribute to the enhancement on the rights and protection of our workers, institute mechanisms and address their issues.

Adiong and Tesorero urged the community to work closely with the embassy and labor sectors and thanked everyone for the warm welcome and support. They also urged the media to work in partnership with the institutions and help in aid of the Filipino nationals.

- Ricky Laxa, Staff Writer

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