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Philippine shelter repatriates forty four distressed workers
August 24, 2013, 1:37 pm

The Filipino Workers Resource Center repatriated fifty five distressed workers last week who were housed in the premises. Thirty workers returned as part of the mass repatriation and fifteen on regular flights. Acting Labor Attaché Ching Ardevilla, Welfare officer Norlita Lugtu and officials of the Philippine Overseas Labor Office were present to oversee the smooth return of the workers.

In an exclusive interview with Ardevilla she told The Times that one hundred and fifty seven workers have been so far are bound for repatriation for the month of August and that ninety two are currently in the shelter fifty of which are with the Assistance to the Nationals Unit and forty two are with the labor section, the lowest number of labor cases registered so far in Kuwait. Ardevilla disclosed that forty two with absconding cases will be endorsed to the local authorities to await clearance of their repatriation.

Many of the women have been interviewed by The Times as to their experiences during the whole process from the length of their stay in the shelter to their actual repatriation. Virgielyn Benavidez, Filipina worker deployed by Sulaiman Al Dahash Agency said that she was fortunate to have an agency that gave her assistance and support during her stay at the shelter and thankful that she was able to leave the soonest time. “My plane ticket was given by my agency and on daily basis the secretary Ms. Laila Venturina kept constant visit and check my condition and case in the shelter. I don’t know if I will still work abroad but for now I just want go home and see my family. I am going home without much saving but thanks my agency for the amount they gave me,” said Benavidez. Another worker Anelyn Buneza also thanked the embassy, POLO and OWWA staff for their quick action to arrange for her repatriation. She also extended her gratitude to her agency for the ticket to return home and assistance during her stay in the shelter.

The Filipino Workers Resource Center or Philippine shelter houses runaway Filipina workers and provides legal, medical, spiritual and government assistance to distressed workers in Kuwait, the shelter currently provides refuge to ninety two workers and is open 24 hours to provide refuge. The shletr is located in Faiha beside the Embassy of the Philippines.

Ricky Laxa
  Staff Writer
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