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Philippines, Kuwait agree on repatriation deal
September 16, 2015, 9:04 am

The Philippines Department of Foreign Affairs has recently issued a statement stating the government of Philippines and the government of the Kuwait has signed a mutual agreement to repatriate Filipino violators of the residence laws, reports Al-Rai daily.  According to sources the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait has repatriated about 95 Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) last August. The Embassy’s mass repatriation program works in cooperation with the Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior through what is known as the Assisted Voluntary Repatriation Program (AVRP), which seeks to address the rising number of illegal expatriates in Kuwait.

In September 2015, the Embassy’s mass repatriation program will again send home some 155 OFWs, including five medically ill patients and 100 workers without valid visas, and 50 workers without passports but with valid residence status.

The 105 OFWs without valid visas will be repatriated without undergoing the usual detention and will be transported straight to the airport from the Embassy, a positive outcome of the Philippine Embassy’s persistent representations with the Ministry of Interior, said the statement. “We understand that our OFWs left the Philippines for Kuwait because they aspire for a better life for their families and loved ones.

They therefore deserve all the assistance the Philippine Government can give them, especially when they return to the Philippines and face the challenges of life back home,” Ambassador Renato Villa said. Ambassador Villa is encouraging more undocumented OFWs in Kuwait to avail of the Embassy’s mass repatriation program.

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