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Philippines recruiter alleged conned by local agent and Philippine based agency
November 30, 2015, 5:04 pm

A Kuwait based recruitment agent seeks the assistance of Philippine and local media to locate a Filipina known as Miriam Sacanlale working for Liszil International Manpower Agency in the Philippines and represented in Kuwait by a Filipina secretary for alleged bogus partnership that included license, office premise and deployment of workers to Kuwait.

In an interview with the complainant, currently in Manila, he said that he was in search of a Philippine based agency which could provide legal and licensed facilities for deployment of workers to Kuwait to which the local agent offered the services of her Philippine agency. The complainant went to the Philippines to settle the amount Philippine Pesos Two hundred and eighty thousand (KD 2,000) as fees for the services.

After sometime, the complainant was told that the intended office was on renovation and will take time. The complainant meanwhile interviewed applicants, but the following days Ms. Sacanlale gave dubious excuses and later refused to answer calls. The complainant contacted the local agent regarding the situation, but she later indirectly admitted through FB messages to the complainant that she will settle the amount, which her agency failed to deliver. The local agent eventually offered four applicants in exchange for the amount paid to her Philippine agency and that payments will be made via remittance, these conversations were made in August.

“I was advised by an agent to pull out my transactions as the agency I agreed to partner with is a bogus company and that the Philippine agent has ceased to be an employee of such agency. I went to see the owner and he refunded a certain amount to me and I was told to claim the other amount from the Kuwait based agent. It has been three months and processing of documents never takes that long and the local agent kept giving different excuses and stories as well, from processed and approval of visas of four applicants was denied and unfinished processing of documents. This is all clear now that we have been conned of the amount,"  said the complainant.

The complainant has sought the assistance of the Philippine Labor Attaché in Kuwait Atty. Cesar Chavez to assist in the investigations and probable help in the refund of the money. The Labor Attaché informed The Times Kuwait that the Filipina agent in Kuwait has been asked to report to his office and that temporary suspension has been issued to the agent in processing of documents until the issue has been resolved.

In a phone interview with the Filipina agent in Kuwait, she told The Times Kuwait that she was approached by the Filipino agent and was asked for assistance that if she knew any agency who allowed tie ups. She warned him that such a practice is illegal, however, she still recommended one of the agencies she represents in the Philippines. Furthermore, she claimed that she has also fallen victim to the Philippine agent as her recent transactions have not materialized and she too is in pursuit of the Philippine agent. The Philippine recruitment agency known as Liszil Recruitment Agency has refused to cooperate since then and has refused to answer further queries on the case according to the agent.

Labor Attaché Atty. Chavez told the The Times Kuwait that such tie ups are not allowed and that agencies who go through such arrangements when reported may suffer the revocation of their license. “Such incidences are difficult to monitor and expose as local agents claim to be working as representatives or employees of the Philippine based agencies, hence few such cases are reported. Temporary suspension has been issued on the Filipina agent for the mere fact that she recommended an agency to go through such a tie up which is already a violation,” said Atty. Chavez. He assured the Filipino agent that he will help in resolving the case.

The Filipino agent is currently in the Philippines to seek further assistance on the case. The Times Kuwait Reporter also had sent messages to the Administrator of Philippine Overseas Labor Office Hans Cacdac to assist in ending and revoking licenses of recruitment agencies in Kuwait who are involved in such illegal  practices and try to prevent Filipinos who intend to work abroad from being recruited by such agents.

By Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

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