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Phone subscribers urged to pay overdue bills or face automatic disconnection
August 10, 2016, 4:01 pm

The Ministry of Communications appealed on Wednesday to all landline subscribers to pay their phone bills and warned that those who fail to pay overdue bills would face automated cutting system this month.

The ministry will send a first warning message to subscribers next Sunday and a second one on August 21, and finally cut the service after the second message for those who didn't pay the overdue bills, the ministry said in a press statement today.

The statement added that maximum limit after which the service would be cut is KD 50 for house landlines and KD 100 for commercial ones.

It noted that lines with overdue bills that the ministry had already agreed to pay them by installments would be immediately disconnected if any delay in paying the due monthly installment.

The delay in paying the annual subscription would also lead to a disconnection of the service for over 6 months for both house and commercial lines, it said.

The ministry urged subscribers to abide by paying the due sums as early as possible to keep service in an optimal way, expressing its gratitude to those who cooperated with the ministry over the last six months.

It said that subscribers could pay their bills through the ministry website or the Kuwait e-gate portal and could also inquire about their bills through hotline: 123, the statement concluded.

Source: KUNA

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