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Pinoys in Kuwait urged to be cautious
March 31, 2015, 11:22 am

The Philippine Embassy in Kuwait has issued an advisory on Sunday to all Filipinos in view of the escalating tension in Yemen.

The advisory stated that Kuwait has activated its contingency plans to strengthen internal security to ensure safety of its people as well as foreign expatriates in the country. “We are calling on all Filipino nationals to stay calm, don’t panic but remain vigilant,” said Philippine Charge d’ Affaires Atty Raul H Dado on Monday.

In view of the recent developments in the region, the advisory urged all Filipinos in Kuwait to observe the following precautionary measures to ensure their safety:

â–  Avoid unnecessary travels and activities in Kuwait especially after working hours;

â–  Avoid unnecessary mingling in public places

â–  Report to your building managers or to police authorities any unusual packages or devices in your places or work or residence; and

â–  In the same manner, report to your building managers or police authorities any unusual activities by unidentified persons in your places of work or residence.

The advisory signed by Dado further stated that the embassy with its duty officers is ready to provide assistance to distressed Filipinos in Kuwait after office hours.

Meanwhile, Filipinos in Yemen fear for their safety following the series of airstrikes carried out by Saudi Arabia and allies against the Houthi rebels since Thursday.

There around 700 Filipinos who are still in Yemen who have expressed to leave the country and avail the mandatory repatriation given by the Philippine government, however they cannot leave the strife-torn country after the Saudi-led warplanes bombed Yemen’s main international airport. We are very worried because of the escalating tension here in Sanaa. The bombings have been non-stop. We all want to go home now but we’re stuck,” lamented Marilou Espanola, a Filipino Community leader based in Yemen whose restaurant has been used by the Philippine Crisis Management Team as its headquarters where Filipinos can register for repatriation. Speaking to the Arab Times on the phone, Espanola described the situation getting worse day by day.

Other Filipinos have regretted their decision not to leave Yemen despite repeated advice earlier from the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Philippine Rapid Response Team to avail of the repatriation program of the government as free tickets will be provided. With the escalating tension in Yemen, the Philippine Crisis Management Team led by Philippine Ambassador to Riyadh Ezzedin Tago advised all Filipinos in Yemen to stay put for now in the safety of their homes.

The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh issued an advisory on Sunday urging all Filipinos in Yemen who want to leave the country to contact immediately the Philippine Crisis Management Team in Sanaa.

The embassy in Riyadh, which has consular jurisdiction over Yemen, said all commercial flights in Yemen have already been suspended. “All commercial flights have been suspended, and the only means of travel is through government-assisted repatriation that must be arranged in advance,” the advisory stated. It added there will now be “limited opportunities” for repatriation. Because of this, it urged all Filipinos to “decide and act immediately,” and bring their original passports to the embassy team at the Movenpick Hotel in Sanaa.

They may contact the embassy team in Sanaa at 730187540, 737426292, 730194165 and 733844958 for assistance. On the other hand, it urged Filipinos who said their employers had guaranteed their repatriation in times of emergency to “immediately ask their employer(s) to implement their repatriation plans.” “Otherwise, those concerned should contact the embassy team for appropriate contact with the employer and concerned authorities,” it added.

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