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Plan to increase charges for services provided to ‘expats’
July 1, 2015, 9:59 am

Assistant Undersecretary for Citizenship and Residency Affairs at Ministry of Interior Major General Mazn Al- Jarrah revealed that the proposed plan to increase charges of the services provided to expatriates has been referred to the Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid Al-Hamad Al-Sabah for review and approval, reports Al-Rai daily. He said, “Extensive studies have been carried out on the plan which is part of the country’s plan to review the fees paid by expatriates for various public services provided to them in sectors such as Ministry of Health”.

Major General Al-Jarrah stressed that his department is committed to enforcing all rules and regulations, the latest of which is linking the issuance of residence permit based on the validity of the passport, in accordance with expatriates’ Residency Law 17/1959 and Article 15 of Regulations 640/1987.

He affirmed, “The rules are applicable for all types of residencies in the government and private sector including family and domestic workers’ visas, adding, “No expatriate will be issued with residency visa if their passport has less than two years of validity. The condition of holding a passport that is valid for over six months still applies for temporary visas”.


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