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Plan to open notary office at new terminal of Kuwait airport
March 3, 2018, 9:17 am

 Director of Notary Department at Ministry of Justice Tariq Al-Asfour says there are plans proposed to be executed in the coming phase to open a notary office at the new terminal of Kuwait International Airport, reports Aljarida daily.

He explained that these plans are in line with the ministry’s strategic plan to facilitate procedures for certification of documents of concerned persons, considering the strategic position of the airport to have such services.

This will also make it easy for some people with special cases that require completion of their transactions round the clock like travelers on transit or those who are deported from the country at night. Al-Asfour went on to explain that the department sometimes faces an influx of visitors in a single batch. For example, there are some companies whose workers exceed hundreds and they opt to hire lawyers to file or withdraw lawsuits or to testify.

The time-factor problem is being rectified through the distribution of huge numbers of people to various offices affiliated to the department and service centers which are present in various governorates. He affirmed that the department is not suffering from a shortage of notaries, as it has 345 notaries who work sincerely to serve citizens and residents.

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