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Plastic gun sparks Kuwait car chase
September 14, 2014, 2:30 pm

A young woman sparked a police car chase on the streets of Kuwait when she pointed an imitation gun at officers ‘as a joke’.

Two policemen were taking a suspect to the police station in Jahra, west of the capital Kuwait City, when the woman appeared to point a firearm at them.

“The two policemen were driving their car with the suspect when they saw a car driven by a young woman approach them,” a security source told local daily Al Rai.

“Suddenly, the passenger, also a young woman, took out a gun and pointed it at the two policemen, prompting them to take action and call their station to ask for back-up.”

Policemen from Al Jahra police station were dispatched to the area and apprehended the driver and her passenger.

“The police searched the car and found the fake firearm which was a perfect imitation of the real gun,” the source said.

“The two young women said at the police station that they used the plastic gun as a joke with the policemen and that they did not have any mean intention. The police advised them to be mindful and not to repeat their ‘prank’ and released them without charge.”

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