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Poland an attractive medical tourism destination
March 8, 2015, 1:40 pm

Medical institution representatives from Poland, in the presence of Ambassador Grzegorz Olszak of Poland and officials from Kuwait's Ministry of Health (MoH), held a press conference at the Polish Embassy on Wednesday, 4 March, to detail the scope of treatment for Kuwaiti patients in Poland.

A delegation of doctors, professors, presidents and CEOs from various Polish medical centers selected by the Polish Ministry of Economy and approved by the Polish Ministry of Health, showcased Poland as a hub for medical treatments, including physical therapy, rehabilitation after accidents and orthopedics.

Ambassador Olszak then spoke about Poland, its scenic attractions and highly competent medical  facilities before introducing the visiting doctors from leading Polish medical institutions: Dr. Bartosz Sadowski, CEO and President of the Board from Ustron Health Resort; Dr. Zbigniew Krol, Director of a Cracow hospital; Tomas Kwiatkowski, President of the Board, Nateczow Health Resort; Dr. Robert Bartlomiej Gajowiec, Head of Physiotherapy Department at KonstancinZdroj Health Resort and Prof. Krzyszt, a specialist in orthopedics and traumatology at of Gaweda institute.

Speaking on the occasion, Director of International Health Relations Office at Kuwait’s Ministry of Health, Dr. Yasmin Abdulghafour, said, "The whole idea of having the key representatives of Polish medical centers visit Kuwait and negotiate cooperation was pursued because the Ministry of Health is expanding on the scope of treatments abroad and Poland might be one of the destination for such treatments." 

Saying that Ustron Health Resort offered specialized healthcare facilities, Dr. Sadowski added that since the last three years, the health resort has been working in close cooperation with the Gulf countries. He pointed out that last year the resort received 400 patients from the Gulf, including ten Kuwaiti patients who visited the resort for specialized medical treatments.

"Besides being an excellent tourist destination, Poland with its many natural springs, spas and salt mines used for medical therapy is an attractive healthcare destination. Underscoring this attractions is the fact that Poland offers medical treatments at very competitive prices in relation to other European countries, such as Britain or Germany or, as a matter of fact, even cheaper than the US offers," added Ambassador Olszak.

He also affirmed that the visa procedures to his country, for state-supported patients and those with special medical cases, are simple, uncomplicated and can be completed in less than 48 hours.

By Ghazal Praveen/

Staff Writer

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