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Police IDs mother of newborn baby abandoned a month ago
April 7, 2016, 8:31 am

The identity of a newborn baby who was left abandoned by the roadside in Sulaibikhat area one month ago has been discovered. Two Kuwaiti women including the mother of the baby have been arrested in this connection.

According to the security sources, Capital security men carried out intensive investigations to identify the abandoned baby. Using the medicine that was found near the baby, they managed to track the baby’s mother after checking the CCTV records of the concerned pharmacy. They discovered that she is a Kuwaiti citizen and they arrested her.

When questioned, she explained that the father of the baby is her Bedouin boyfriend. Even thought the youth requested for her and in marriage several times, her parents refused. She had intimate physical relations with him, as a result of which she became pregnant. When she was unable to abort the baby, she gave birth and handed over the newborn to one of her friends. However, the latter was unable to tolerate the non stop crying of the baby and dumped the baby on the road.

Security men arrested the second suspect and referred both women to Public Prosecution for necessary legal action against them.

Source: Arab Times

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