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Police bust weapons-trader
May 13, 2015, 11:10 am

Officers in charge of weapon collection arrested a Kuwaiti citizen for trading in unlicensed arms, says an Interior Ministry press statement. Based on a tip-off, a team of detectives was formed to follow-up the suspect and an undercover agent managed to seal a deal to purchase a Kalashnikov with other weapons. He was arrested after completing the transaction. Later, the officers conducted a search inside the house and recovered two firearms with rounds of ammunitions. He was referred with the items to concerned authorities.

Meanwhile, two personnel from the Special Security Forces have been admitted to the Farwaniya Hospital with several injuries, reports a local daily. The daily added, the men were injured when a grenade accidentally exploded while they were transporting it to the Special Forces training center in Sulaibiya. Investigations have been conducted to find out the causes of blast to prevent similar accidents from happening again.

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