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Police catch thief responsible for 27 robberies in Hawally, Farwaniya
May 25, 2016, 8:21 am
A handout photo provided by the Interior Ministry shows a mark found on a jacket recovered at the suspect’s room, which matches the one worn by the suspect and shown in CCTV footage during one of his robberies below A metal piece and sneakers found in the suspect’s room, which he wore during one of his robberies.

The Relations and Security Information Department at the Interior Ministry said that the crime scene monitoring team discovered 27 thefts that were committed with the same method in Hawally and Farwaniya governorates and registered against ‘unidentified persons.’

The department said that inspecting three images and camera recordings, it was noticed that the same person committed these crimes, reports Kuwait Times daily.

After following the tracks of the suspect following the latest theft he committed, the team identified him as Abdullah Mubarak Al-Hareeqi, a Gulf national residing in a Hawally hotel.

Criminal detectives raided his room and arrested him. They found several stolen items that were identified by their owners, along with tools and clothes he wore during his thefts. He was sent to concerned authorities.

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