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Police escort for money transport vehicles – Officials ‘upset’ about Sulaibiya robbery
April 29, 2014, 9:48 am

A police car will accompany every money transport vehicle in Kuwait as per an agreement reached between the Interior Ministry and security companies following a recent armed robbery in which two security guards were killed and KD13,000 were stolen. The agreement calls for a company to notify the ministry about any transport operation beforehand, in order to dispatch a patrol vehicle and put relevant authorities at a state of alert in anticipation for any potential attacks, Al-Rai daily reported yesterday quoting sources with knowledge of the case.

The sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity said meanwhile that Lt Gen Sulaiman Al-Fahad, the Interior Ministry’s Undersecretary, was ‘very upset’ during the meeting that took place one day after the crime was committed in Sulaibiya Friday night. Lt. Gen Al-Fahad reportedly went furious as soon as he was told by assistant undersecretaries that they have agreed with security companies on new security steps to follow. “He angrily responded by saying ‘where were those steps before?’” the sources said.

The senior official also expressed frustration that the ministry’s steps came as a reaction to the crime, something seen as showing failure to take precautionary measures that helps save lives, the sources said. “The heinousness of the crime and the audacity that the perpetrators shown have all made Lt. Gen Al-Fahad extremely upset,” the source said.

Strong lead

And while investigations are ongoing in the case, detectives have reportedly been able to find a ‘strong evidence’ that could lead to revealing the perpetrators’ identities. Criminal Evidence Department personnel found a jerrycan that the suspects filled with fuel and used to burn the car they used in the crime, according to a security source quoted by Al-Jarida yesterday.

“Investigators are gathering surveillance tapes from gas stations close to the crime scene in a bid to identify the suspects,” said the source who was unnamed in the report. Meanwhile, the source said that investigations have confirmed that the car found burned in Sulaibiya following the incident was the same one that the suspects used to commit their armed robbery.

He added on that regard that the car’s owner, who had reported his vehicle stolen prior to the crime, was taken for questioning based on suspicions that he knows the identity of the suspects. The bedoon man had stated when he filed the case at Sulaibiya police station that his car was stolen from outside a coffee shop in the area while he was sitting inside.

Criminal evidence personnel are also waiting for results of DNA tests conducted on items found on the crime scene, including the empty bullet shells. This was reported by Al- Watan daily which also indicated that Jahra detectives have so far questioned around ten people in the case.

Annahar daily confirmed earlier reports which indicated that detectives have been able to identify the suspects hours after the crime was committed. A ‘high-level source’ quoted anonymously in the report says that the three men are members of a gang with history of criminal offenses including mugging, drugs, and thefts.

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