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Police launch manhunt for Kuwait boat party host
September 22, 2014, 8:39 am

Invitation to Eid celebration with food, drink and music ‘violates laws, social traditions’

Police in Kuwait are to arrest a man for promoting an evening party on board of a yacht off the coast of a Kuwaiti island.

The promoter offered an evening of food, drinks, movies, music and dance on the second day of Eid Al Adha off the island of Failaka for KD25.

He said that the evening celebration would be mixed gathering and that the price included free transportation from and to homes. The promoter put out the mobile numbers to be contacted for booking tickets.

News about the party was disseminated mainly through social networks, very active in Kuwait, local daily Al Rai reported on Sunday.

However, the invitations were also seen by the police and the head of the criminal investigations Mahmoud Al Tabbakh ordered an investigation into the case and the arrest of the promoter.

An initial probe revealed that the cell numbers were genuine, which enabled the police to track the promoter. They believe the party would violate laws and flout local traditions and social values, which frown upon the free mixing of genders.

A security source told the daily that the police were determined to take action against anyone who promoted any “suspicious” party, reception or concert on Eid days.

Kuwaitis in the public sector will have at least five days off during Eid Al Adha expected on October 4.

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