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Police nabs five men accused of attacking border guards
September 7, 2014, 8:17 am

The Ministry of Interior announced Saturday that the five suspects in connection with the attack on a security patrol in the northern sector of the borders have been arrested.

The attackers defied the orders of the patrol commander to keep away from the military site, according to a statement by the Ministry's Security Media Department.

They used sharp tools to attack and wound an officer and a non-commissioned officer and stole some items belonging to the security personnel.

The two wounded security men were rushed to a nearby hospital while the criminal investigations department was following the incident.

Intensive investigations led to the arrest of the five perpetrators of the attack, including the main culprit, who admitted to the crime and the tools used, the statement said, noting that efforts are underway to arrest the rest of accomplices.

The security services continue to stand firm against any infringement on the stature of the state and the security personnel, it added.

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