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Police will firmly confront any forms of rioting, violence, incitement - MoI
July 5, 2014, 9:02 am

A day after an illegal protest turned into a riot in Sabah Al-Naser and Riqqa neighborhood, the Ministry of Interior warned Friday that it will firmly confront any forms of rioting, violence and incitement.

Police will also continue to prevent and tackle with all force such practices in order to preserve the security and safety of the nation and its citizens from being compromised, said a statement by the Interior Ministry's Security Media Department.

It noted that rioters organised yesterday an illegal demonstration in Sabah Al-Naser and Riqqa neighborhood.
The rioters deliberately caused disorder, blocked roads, attacked public and private property and comprimised security, said the Ministry statement.

It went on to say that despite security forces' attempts to persuade these rioters to abandon their irresponsible behavior, they kept on and attacked security personnel and a police station with stones, leading to the arrest of five suspects in Riqqa and eight in Sabah Al-Nasser.

It pointed out that these irresponsible acts have caused disturbance to residents and exposed their lives to danger. The Ministry urged all people to exercise proper conduct. It asked parents of young people who took part in such acts to clarify to them the danger of such acts on them and the whole society.

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