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Population 5,938 illegal residents adjust their status
April 6, 2014, 9:39 am

Up to 5, 938 illegal residents have modified their status since formation of the Central Agency for Remedying Illegal Residents' Status in 2011 until the end of March 2014, the agency said on Saturday.

Status modification procedures included the readjustment of 4,416 illegal residents to Saudi nationality, 619 to Syrian nationality, 490 to Iraqi nationality, 62 to Iranian nationality, 46 to Jordanian nationality, and 295 to others, Colonel Mohammad Al-Wohaib, the director of the agency's status modification section, stated to KUNA.

The agency will continue providing privileges for those who apply to modify their status, allowing them to have a fee renewable residency to all family members for five years, in accordance to Article 24 of the residency law, as well as free education, health insurance, and a ration card to the family, noted Al-Wohaib.

He added that applicants of status modification will also have employment priority at governmental sectors, just behind Kuwaitis, in addition to granting them an exemption of salary requirement for a driving license, as well as a number of other privileges and exemptions.

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