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Price list eyed to ascertain lowest cost of medical services in private
August 9, 2017, 8:55 am

In line with the decision of Health Minister Dr. Jamal Al-Harbi to increase fees for medical services, the Union of the Owners of Private Medical Institutions (OPMI) intends to prepare a list of prices to determine the minimum cost of medical services in the private sector while taking into account the new prices of health services in the public sector.

Speaking to the daily, president of the union Dr. Adel Ashkanani said the aim of the new list is to eliminate manipulation of prices in the private sector, considering the new fees in the public health sector. He disclosed the list includes a special code for each health service provided in the private sector that is subject to increase and does not allow reduction of price.

He said competition in the private sector is “not straightforward or honorable” as some parties manipulate prices just to attract patients at the expense of the quality of services which negatively affect the interests of other players in the private sector. He added a joint committee between the ministry and the union decided to make a list, including minimum prices for health services provided in the private sector that will be approved annually by the Medical Licenses Department in the ministry.

He pointed out each party used to submit their own price list to the department annually for approval, without a special list or laws to codify prices in the private sector so the health fees varied from one clinic or hospital to another according to the quality of services provided. He thinks the decision to increase prices in the public sector will intensify competition in the private sector, and consequently, improve the quality of services provided.

Source: Al-Seyassah 

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