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Prices of fish remain high – People still patronizing fish market
May 2, 2017, 8:50 am

Consumers are consistent in patronizing fish markets without any plan to stop fish consumption due to complaints and pictures posted on social media concerning the recent massive fish kill, reports Al-Rai daily.

Board member and Public Relations Director at Kuwait Fishermen Union Jalal Al-Shammari disclosed that prices of fish remain high. He affirmed customers continue to buy fish as they don’t believe rumors and despite the reaction of concerned government departments which have yet to reveal causes of the massive fish kill.

He added people still patronize fish markets, even purchasing fish at high prices as indicated on the board in Souq Sharq.

The current prices of imported fish are as follows: KD 4.5 for a kilogram of Al-Hamour, KD 6 for Al-Baloul and Al-Sha’am, KD 7.5 for Al-Zubaidi and KD4 for Al-Naqrour. One kilogram of locally produced fish is sold at KD 12 for Al-Zoubaidi, KD 5 for Al-Hamour, KD 6 for Al-Baloul, and KD 4 for Al-Sha’am, Al-Nuwaibi and Al-Naqrour., and (above), bereaved family members receiving condolences

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