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Prices of shrimp remain high, Govt urged to review policy on fishing
August 7, 2016, 10:03 am

Prices of shrimps remain high for six days after the shrimp fishing was declared open, ranging from KD 56 to KD 68 per small basket and the large basket costs KD 75 to KD 78 as at Saturday. Chairman of Kuwaiti Fishermen Association Dhahir Al-Souyan said this is the current situation, indicating the association urged the government to be moderate in preventing Kuwaiti fishing boats from entering Al-Shamlan Bay through Doha Port.

He said the decision to disallow fishermen entering the bay through Doha Port led to exodus of fishermen so the prices remained high. He explained the fishermen are losing a great deal in a situation whereby all of them are forced to enter the international waterways through Umm Al-Maradem Center while putting Doha Port off limits.

This is in addition to strenuous efforts and more time required to cover the long distance before reaching fishing locations. He revealed over 170 fishing boats are affected by the decision. He stressed the fishing expedition from Doha Port to Shamlan Bay and from there to the closest international waterway at the East of Kubar Island is about 117 nautical miles round trip He added that in case of implementing the current decision, the distance will be raised to around 170 nautical miles, which has raised the level of suffering and losses of efforts and money.

Source: Al-Seyassah 

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