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Prominent Indian businessman passes away
November 21, 2015, 3:55 pm

John Paul Fernandes, who was a prominent businessman in Kuwait, passed away in Cochin on Friday, 20 November, 2015. John Paul ran a successful business in wholesale and retail electrical equipment establishing a chain of outlets in Shuwaikh.

He is survived by his wife, Anita Fernandes, and three children — Candice, Shawn and Tanya. Fondly remembered for his charitable and generous nature, he formed the backbone of many Mangalorean associations in Kuwait, providing monetary assistance and moral support. John Paul was an integral part of the Mangalorean community through sponsorship of various programs and in helping individuals to launch businesses after the invasion.  Furthermore, several Associations and individuals recall his generosity and are full of praise for the moments when he showed them kindness.

He was recognized for being one of the major backers of the ‘Gulf Voice of Mangalore’ that grew into a popular event from its humble beginnings under his patronage. He invested a lot of his time, money and gave huge encouragement to the program, without interfering in its functioning, secure in the belief that it was a good cause. He was a major contributor in all the four seasons of the ‘Gulf Voice of Mangalore’, doing his best to provide a platform for talented Mangloreans in Kuwait.

He will be deeply missed by those who knew of his altruism and dedication to the various noteworthy causes in the Manglorean community.

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