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Promising cash prize, Asian gangs cheating the public
January 4, 2016, 9:05 am

The trend of disseminating annoying and false promotional messages via mobile phone about winning KD 20,000 increases day by day through the illegal operations of unknown Asian gangs misleading people, reports Al-Shahed daily.

Sources said an unknown person (s) has been calling people in Kuwait from Dubai on mobile number 00971529380545, claiming they have won the above-mentioned sum and asking them to call 66891899 to confirm and receive the prize. After that, the person requests his victims to check a message from Zain (107) for ‘activation’ number, and then another number 9020381649 will ask them to visit Al-Mulla Exchange to collect the prize on condition that they recharge KD120 on their phone.

The fraudulent operation begins by taking the balance via mobile and many unsuspecting citizens and expatriates have fallen victims to their activities. Sources added the gang also asks their victims to send their personal banking information for remittance within 24 hours, and officials of Zain have since warned people about dubious operations of the gang.

Source: Arab Times

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