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Proposal to amend conditions for acquiring a driving license
August 26, 2015, 9:55 am
Major General Al-Muhanna revealed about some proposals to amend the conditions for obtaining driving licenses, which will be announced following the completion of the drafting and adoption. He stressed that the ministerial decision on the conditions to obtain licenses is applicable with no exceptions, adding that the traffic sector is studying the need to regulate the use of public licenses and limit it only for large vehicles.
Major General Al-Muhanna disclosed that the traffic sector has allotted a comprehensive plan in preparation for the start of the new academic year, covering all governorates and various major roads. He affirmed that traffic police patrols will be present throughout the governorates. Conditions for applying for driving license as per Ministerial Resolution 5598/2014 on 25/11/2014 are: Expatriates applying for driving license should have a valid visa and should have resided in the country for at least 2 years. They should hold a university degree and should be earning salary of not less than KD 600 per month. Those exempted from the above conditions are as follows:
â–  Non Kuwaiti women married to Kuwaiti men including widows and divorcees, provided they have children,
â–  Bedoun residents holding valid security cards,
â–  Students, provided they are registered at any of the universities or applied institutions in Kuwait, and
â–  Expatriate housewives who have children, provided their husbands are eligible for driving license such as:
â–  Judges and members of the Public Prosecution, advisors and experts
â–  Teaching staff of universities, faculties and applied institutes
â–  Doctors, pharmacists and engineers
â–  Directors General and their deputies
â–  Members of the diplomatic corps
â–  Professionals in sports federations, clubs and government sectors
â–  Drivers and representatives who hold valid legal driving licenses
â–  Domestic workers who have been working for more than 5 consecutive years for their sponsors, provided they change their profession to driver
â–  Technicians working in the oil fields of oil companies
â–  Pilots, marine captains and their deputies
â–  Nursing staff, physiotherapists and technicians
â–  Undertakers
Those who are exempted from the ‘length of stay’ and salary conditions are:
â–  Judges and members of the Public Prosecution, advisors and experts,
â–  Teaching staff of universities, faculties and applied institutes,
â–  Journalists and media personnel,
â–  Doctors, pharmacists and engineers,
â–  Researchers, judiciary persons, translators, librarians and imams working in government agencies,
â–  Teachers and social workers,
â–  Sports trainers working for sports federations, clubs and government agencies.
Those who are exempted from the ‘length of stay’ condition are:
â–  Director Generals and their deputies,
â–  Managers,
â–  Accountants,
â–  Representatives (Mandoubs) The licenses of drivers and representatives will be cancelled upon the cancellation of their residence permits or when their profession, based on which the driving license was issued, is changed. They will then not be eligible to apply for driving license for at least two years. Validity of driving license is linked to duration of residence.
Basic documents
â–  Civil ID copy
â–  Photocopy of passport (basic pages + Iqama page)
â–  Two personal photographs of size 6 ◊ 4 with blue background
â–  Typed and printed application form and signature of the sponsor.
Other Required Documents:
â– A copy of university degree certificates and the original certificates attested by the concerned Kuwaiti embassy and Kuwaiti Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor A copy of salary certificate of employees in the government bodies.
â– A copy of work permit of employees of the private sector as well as his basic documents. For housewives
â–  A copy of the birth certificate of one of the children
â–  A copy of salary certificate of the husband if he works for the government
â–  A copy of the work permit of the husband if he works in the private sector as well as his basic documents. For students
â–  A certificate from the university or the institute, addressed to the Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs, and the basic documents.
Source: Arab Times
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Steve  Posted on : August 26, 2015 2:07 pm
Its still not clear. I am trying to get a license but find it impossible. I am an ex British Traffic Police Office and posses driving qualifications of Police Advanced Car and Motorcycle. I am a qualified examiner in traffic Drink and Drug Testing and Speed detection etc.

I have only been in Kuwait 11 months and do not posses a University degree (How that makes you a better driver, I will never know).
My job here is that of a Security Trainer (Teacher) to one of the Oil Companies here in Kuwait, of which 50% of my job requires me to be out in the oil field for which I require the need of a Driving License.
Bottom line is. Me, like others, am unable to perform my job. A job which is in support of the Government of Kuwait.
Can anyone explain??????

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