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Public Works Minister signs infrastructure deals worth KD 317.7 million
October 23, 2016, 5:04 pm

Minister of Public Works Ahmad Al-Jassar signed on Sunday a pair of contracts dealing with infrastructure repair, including work to build a new maternity hospital at a total cost of KD 317.7 million.

The first deal signed by Al-Jassar, who is also Minister of Electricity and Water and Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, comprises work to build and furbish a new maternity hospital at a cost of KD 220.7 million, a press statement by the Ministry of Public Works noted.

Moreover, the statement revealed that the hospital contains 780 beds, in addition to 37 operating rooms and 60 birthing rooms, adding that the facility stretches on 240 square kilometers, complete with two basements and a parking lot.

Meanwhile, the second deal includes infrastructure repair on the 6.5 ring road at a cost of KD 97 million. The deal is part of a project to build a new 6.5 ring road that would run parallel to the sixth ring road.

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