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Public expenses control to hit some top officials
January 22, 2015, 8:50 am

The government’s plan to control public expenditures will now affect some undersecretaries and senior officials at various ministries by reducing financial commitments in their offices and non-renewal of appointments of some of those whose terms are about to end, reports Al-Nahar daily.A source informed that renewal of terms used to scale through without much stress or use of influence to apply the law.

He said almost every ministry is working towards replacing inefficient senior officials with those who are more productive and proactive. He stated the ministries will soon repeal marginal expenditures which are not specified for tangible purposes.

He explained some items of the budgets in several ministries are fraught with problems as some expenditures are not clear since they are denoted with expressions such as “other expenses”. He stressed the problem of the government is not about availability of resources but administrative orderliness, which is currently under review

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