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Public warned against hiring domestics from bogus firms
July 15, 2015, 11:05 am

Director General of Residency Affairs Major General Talal Marafie has cautioned citizens and expatriates against dealing with bogus domestic agencies, as it came to their notice that some people lately advertise for domestics to work for specific hours per day via newspaper and social media.

Major General Marafie said individuals who are unauthorized by the Ministry of Interior could be using the technique of advertisement to recruit domestic workers and others in their category to defraud unsuspecting citizens and expatriates. He advised citizens and expatriates dealing with domestic agencies to make sure they only transact business with offices authorized by the ministry to avoid fraud.

He urged people facing related problems to contact the General Department for Residency Affairs in Dhajeej or call emergency line 112 for appropriate action. He affirmed that his department has contacted relevant authorities to stop such advertisements from being posted as they contribute to the crime rate. He stressed a joint team from Residency Detectives Department and General Department for Residency Affairs will be monitoring unlawful and bogus announcements to take necessary action against violators.


He added that citizens and expatriates have been complementing the concerted efforts of security operatives effectively by reporting offices and domestic workers that engage in theft and other crimes, and the step has encouraged further cooperation between the populace and the security agencies to ensure that perpetrators are arrested before they make the most of the stolen items. Major General Marafie cautioned sponsors against carelessness and declining to report cases of theft to avoid legal questioning. He also called on citizens and expatriates to deal directly with licensed offices while trying to recruit domestic workers to avoid falling victim to fraudsters.

Meanwhile, Director General of Public Relations and Security Information at the Ministry of Interior Brigadier Adel Al-Hashash stated his department had earlier embarked on intensive campaigns to sensitize people against unlawful exploitation of absconding domestic workers or engaging them in services. He said the action amounts to serious violation of law, because they could be involved in theft and other crimes without the knowledge of the people who engage their services.

He noted many bogus offices use absconding workers for immoral activities and force them to do strenuous jobs while restraining their freedom after providing them shelter. He pointed out that such acts expose the citizen and expatriate sponsors to unnecessary legal questioning if they fail to report absconding domestic workers under their sponsorship. He assured that efforts are ongoing to arrest absconding workers and their employers, in addition to those sheltering them, and bogus offices that deal with them.

Source: Arab Times

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