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Pursuit of visit violators set
May 23, 2015, 7:49 am

Director- General of Residence Affairs Major- General Talal Ma’arafi has introduced a plan to pursue expatriates who entered the country on visit visas and violated the residence law, reports a local daily quoting security sources.

The daily added, the authorities will contact persons — Kuwaitis and expatriates — under whose sponsorship the expatriate entered the country on visit visa. According to the plan the sponsors will be given a three-day grace period to help the violators of the law to leave the country and if they fail to get the violator leave the country their transactions at all government departments — immigration, traffic, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Social Affairs — will be suspended.

The source pointed a team has already been formed to contact the sponsors and notifying them about the existence of violators and give them the grace period. The team will also compile a list of sponsors after the end of the grace period and send it to the concerned government departments.

The source added the number of expatriates violating the visit visa law is increasing and it appears there are 65 Yemenis who entered on visit visas and have not left the country. The daily added, most violators of this law are Syrians, Egyptians and Iranians. He affirmed volatile situations in their respective countries do not mean they can violate the laws of another country. This is no justification for them to violate the residence law of Kuwait, he said.

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