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Qudaibi, Lari, Mayouf, Otaibi, Rashidi win in bye-poll
June 27, 2014, 7:50 am

Justice Mishal Al-Juraiwi announced the winners of two parliamentary seats in by-elections that were held on Thursday.

Justice Al-Juraiwi said Ahmad Sulaiman Al-Qedhibi won the first place with 2,574 votes while Ahmad Hajji Lari came second with 1,985 votes. The two seats became vacant following resignations of former MPs Riyadh Al-Adsani and Ali Al-Rashed.

Ahmad Al-Qedhibi was born in 1972 and holds a bachelor degree in accounting. Al-Qedhibi is the Board Chairman of Al-Qedhibi Company. He is a board member in Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kuwait Industries Union and the Public Authority for Industry.

Ahmad Lari was born in 1955 and holds a bachelor degree in statistics. Lari was a parliament member in 2006 and 2008. He is a member in the Cultural and Social Society, and the Kuwait Public Funds Society.

Abdullah Al-Maayouf, Fares Al-Otaibi win 3rd constituency by-elections

Justice Hussein Ramadhan announced the results of the 2014 National Assembly by-elections on Thursday, declaring the winners of the two vacant seats of the Third constituency.

Justice Ramadhan said Abdullah Yusuf Al-Maayouf winning the first place with 2,228 votes while Fares Saad Al-Otaibi second with 2,137 votes. The two winners will replace resignees Abdulkareem Al-Kanderi and Safa Al-Hashem.
Al-Maayouf was born in 1953 and holds a Master in Military Science.

He was a former MP in the December 2012 parliament that was annulled by the Constitutional Court. He is a retired Brigadier of Kuwait Army. Al-Maayouf is a member in Kazma Sports Club, Kuwait Journalists Association and Kuwait Red Crescent Society Fares Al-Otaibi was born in 1974 and holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration.

He works as a supervisor at Kuwait Municipality and has been a member in Khaitan Cooperative Society.

Mohammad Al-Rashidi wins 4th constituency's by-elections

ustice Ibrahim Al-Mulla announced Thursday Mohammad Nasser Al-Rashidi as winner of parliamentary by-elections, occupying the single seat of the Fourth constituency that became vacant following resignation of ex-MP Hussein Al-Mutairi.
Justice Al-Mulla said Al-Rashidi won the elections by garnering 7,533 votes.

Al-Rashidi was born in 1970 and holds a bachelor degree in Sociology. He was an MP in the December 2012 parliament that was annulled by the Constitutional Court


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