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RTA briefs Kuwaiti delegation about bus, taxi management systems
May 17, 2014, 8:34 am
Kuwaiti Public Transport Company (KPTC) delegation visits Dubai's Public Transport Agency, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)

A group of Kuwaiti Public Transport Company (KPTC) employees recently visited Dubai's Public Transport Agency, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in the context of boosting joint cooperation, sharing expertise and reviewing the best practices in the field of transport between the two parties.

The Kuwaiti delegation, headed by KPTC General Manager Eisa Abdulla Al-Hubail, was escorted on a tour aimed at getting acquainted with the procedures adopted at RTA's Booking and Dispatch Center, its Bus Control Centre and technological systems in use at these centers, according to Adel Mohammed Shakri, RTA's Director of Transportation Systems.

"The visiting delegation was familiarized with the service bundle provided by the Public Transport Agency supported by sophisticated technological systems including for instance the automated bus tracking and surveillance system which saw its Middle East debut here in the RTA as a smart and integrated system for monitoring the performance and operation of public buses," he said.

This Automated Vehicle Management (AVM) system is based on controlling the internal routes of public buses in Dubai Emirate as well as inter-city bus service linking Dubai with other Emirates.

The system enables controlling the bus operation, thanks to satellite-linked sophisticated navigation systems connected with the Bus Control System; which operates 24/7 to provide the full support, and is run by an elite bunch of Emirati cadres.

"The delegation reviewed the pivotal role of the AVM system in transforming the planned bus timetables into real-timetables that meet the needs and aspirations of public bus riders.
Statistics about the system reveal a drastic improvement in conforming to the scheduled bus timetables from 19% to as much as 75%.

Benefits of the system also include reducing the number of cancelled journeys which in turn resulted in a drop of customer complaints, and reducing the number of kilometres wasted by buses without having passengers to serve which in turn reduces the environmental pollution in Dubai Emirate.

Additionally, the delegation was briefed about Wojhati application; the first ever journey planner presented in Arabic language across the globe which has won an award in the inaugural edition of the Hamdan bin Mohammed Smart Government Awards.

The delegation was also informed about the provision of the WiFi internet connectivity on board public buses," explained Shakri.

"The tour also included a briefing about the automated taxi operation control system, branded as D8; which is an integrated system for managing taxicabs, and is considered the backbone of the five franchise companies operating taxis in Dubai (Dubai Taxi, Arabia Taxi, Cars Taxi, Metro Taxi and the National Taxi).

The system links about 8,997 taxis and more than 17 thousand drivers besides generating their respective reports and statistics which contribute to assessing the amount of job done in an accurate manner, and accordingly carrying out benchmarks, business plans and corrective as well as improvement measures.

The delegation was also briefed about the smart taxi App enabling the booking of taxicabs and real-time tracking of their path till arrival to customers," said Shakri in a concluding remark.

At the end of the visit, the Kuwaiti delegation praised the quality advancements made by the RTA in leveraging public transport systems, be it in buses or taxis, adding that RTA's experience is worthy of reviewing and benefiting from at the GCC level.

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