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Raids conducted against maid hiring offices
November 3, 2016, 8:35 am

Director General for Residency Affairs Major General Talal Marafie affirmed that officers from the General Department for Residency Investigations and from the General Department for Residency Affairs recently embarked on inspection campaigns in Ahmadi and Hawally governorates during which they issued 13 citations against domestic labor recruitment offices for violating law No. 68/2016.

They also arrested four abandoned domestic workers and 25 others who were dumped at the shelter and are awaiting their employers for investigations, and referred three individuals who were reported as absconding to the relevant authorities, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

He revealed that the Domestic Workers Department received 1,057 complaints from January 2016 until end of October, indicating that these complaints included 37 from domestic workers, 1,002 from employers and 18 from domestic labor recruitment offices. He added that the department solved majority of those problems and referred only 12 to the relevant courts.

Major General Talal Marafie stressed that the officers organized 1,387 inspection campaigns on domestic labor recruitment offices within that period and arrested 180 absconding workers. He explained that 35 violators of residence law were referred to the concerned authority, 2,034 expatriates of various nationalities were deported to their countries of origin including 234 Zimbabweans, and 77 cases of violations were registered against some recruitment offices.

Major General Talal Marafie stressed that 70 offices violated the regulation concerning deposit of KD 40,000 financial guarantee and procedures are ongoing to revoke their licenses. He said the department received 27 applications for licenses to set up domestic labor recruitment office and one applied for establishing a domestic labor recruitment company, adding that 24 offices have been suspended from operating for around 3-6 months based on law No. 68/2016.

Source: Arab Times

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