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Re-entry of drivers, ‘mandoubs’ banned
March 22, 2015, 8:45 am

Director General of Residency Affairs Major General Talal Ma’rifi has issued a decision banning the entry of company representatives (Mandoub) and drivers who left the country after canceling their residence permits, reports a local daily.The daily quoting reliable sources added the category will not be issued entry visa until they complete two years outside the country if they want to come back on a different sponsorship, and one year if the same sponsor.

Sources said the decision was taken on account of complaints by several citizens and owners of the companies alleging their employees have devised strategy to demand salary increment after other companies have presented them a better offer.

They pointed out that the new system is programmed in a way that it will be impossible to issue new visa for an expatriate who falls under the aforementioned category to enter the country as a company representative or driver.  They noted the driver will also be required to go for another driving test once he enters the country, considering the old driving license is cancelled after leaving the country.

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