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Recreation in Kuwait
May 18, 2015, 4:47 pm

A recent study in September 2014, titled ‘Where do Kuwaiti People Spend their Free Time?’ conducted by Dr. Faheema Al-Awadhi, statistics professor at the Kuwait University shows that nearly half of Kuwait’s women (42 percent) spend their free time at home, while 32 percent prefer to wear out soles and credit cards, shopping. It also notes a wide margin i.e. 40 percent of Kuwaiti men consider diwaniyas a top priority.

However, most men in the first and third constituencies frequent restaurants and cafes. In addition to this, residents of the third constituency also patronize sports clubs, shopping malls and have a passion for travelling. Residents of the fifth and fourth constituencies are associated with cinemas and shopping centers respectively.

With further respect to recreation, it is noted that a majority (22 percent) like to travel whenever possible, whereas the rest like to hang around town, go to the movies, sports centers, etc. Across the age bars, we can see that as the age increases, preferences shift from leisurely activities like shopping and travelling to more relaxing forms of recreation such as going to diwaniyas.

However, those within the 30-39 years bracket also fit in significant mileage as they are more financially stable. It is unfortunate that sports aren’t given much importance. As a result, 17 percent indulge in restaurants and the like. This survey was conducted on a sample size of 400 citizens of various ages and living in various governorates.

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