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Reducing number of expats a priority – Bid to rectify population structure set in motion
January 8, 2016, 8:03 am

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor has started taking steps to rectify the population structure of the country, reports Al-Rai daily quoting a reliable source.

The source indicated that among the most important steps taken by the ministry, in cooperation with various government authorities, include reducing the number of expatriates, reviewing the financial aid given to national manpower in the private sector, reducing the number of citizens accepted in the government sector and canceling the sponsorship system.

The source affirmed there is a serious discussion on canceling the sponsorship system and putting the matter under the control of the State through the Public Authority of Manpower in order to eradicate visa trading. “The Public Authority of Manpower will play a huge and important role in the coming stages, after its automated system is completed and becomes fully functional. This plan will be in place within the coming two years”, the source stated.

The source explained that “figures and statistics prove there are many expatriates — more than 200,000 — who work in fields other than those stated in their work permits or their reason for entering the country”. He added “these are the ones whose number must be reduced or to benefit from them in a way that serves the nation.”

He pointed out the Interior Ministry “has activated the executive program for addressing the issue by conducting inspections and tracking down those who violated the Residency Law in order to deport them”.

The source added, “There is also a plan in place to review the mechanism for the fi nancial aid given to national manpower in the private sector. Ideas on the table include increasing the aid, reducing the number of those accepted in the government sector and mandating contractors to hire Kuwaitis. Executive decisions will be taken later to push this matter forward and to achieve the objectives.”

Source: Arab Times

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Saqib  Posted on : January 08, 2016 1:03 pm
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