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Reduction of traffic fines 'baseless information' - MoI
February 20, 2016, 8:18 am

The Interior Ministry refuted news reports circulated in the social media outlets over reduction of traffic fines value or the possibility of making partial payments for such violations.

The Ministry described in a statement such news as "baseless". The Security Media Department at the ministry said in a press statement on Friday that such traffic citations are the state's right where in any way can be reduced except through a court ruling.

It recalled the earlier-issued decision to unbloc some of the traffic citations on the occasion of the national holidays, excluding severe violations including reckless driving, high speed, driving with no license and exposing drivers or passengers to risk.

The ministry called on social networking sites to not being misled by the rumors and the false gossip, urging all to derive their information from reliable and responsible sources.

Source: KUNA

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