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Regency plans a culinary feast for Eid
August 5, 2013, 11:17 am

Executive Chef Roger Friggieri  of the Regency Hotel promises a culinary extravaganza for the entire family this Eid at the hotel’s famous Silk Road restuarant.  Friggieri, a culinary expert and accomplished chef hails from Malta with Italian origins. Having worked in different part of Europe Chef Friggieri constant challenge to set and maintain standards has met with tremendous success here in Kuwait as he has further consolidated the Silk Road restaurant as among the most popular dining outlets in Kuwait.

Since taking over six months ago he has introduced new dishes and variety in the menu as well as added to the cuisine’s exceptional quality by way of ingredients.

“For Eid we plan to have different types of cuisine ranging from Middle Eastern, Mediterrean, Mexican, Latin American, Indian a global feast of menus that will be enticing to our guests,” he says.

It will be a culinary feast during the entire Eid Al Fitr holidays and guests can enjoy some remarkable and dazzling range of home-made desserts as well.

Chef Friggieri  is extremely delighted with the positive feedback he receives from the guests and this motivates him to constantly change and improve the menu.  It is a constant challenge to match taste and texture to come out with the best dishes, he says.

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