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Residence permits of expatriates based on expiration date on passports
December 9, 2015, 8:35 am

Director- General of the General Department for Residence Affairs Major-General Talal Al-Ma’arafi said residence permits of expatriates shall not be renewed if the validity of their passports has expired or about to expire, reports Al-Anba daily.

Ma’arafi affirmed that the General Department for Residence Affairs will start the implementation of Article 12 of Expatriates Residence Law 17/1959 and Article 15 of bylaw Number 640/1968 which stipulates that residence visas issued for expatriates should not exceed the validity of passports.

Ma’arafi said the law will be activated as of 1 January, 2016, and the department is trying its best to ensure that citizens and expatriates enjoy the comfort of completing transactions in a way that serve public interest.

He explained the implementation of the law is in the interests of citizens and the expatriates. He noted the authority has given enough time for everyone to check the validity of their passport to regularize the status before approaching the department for a new visa or renewal of residence permits.

He also explained that the residence permit will be automatically canceled after the passport becomes invalid. He called upon the residents to transfer visas from old to new passports in time whenever they change their passports.

He also advised Kuwaitis to follow up the validity of the passports of their domestic help to avoid violations. He noted the sector is in constant contact with the Public Relations and Security Information Department to carry out awareness campaigns for citizens and expatriates at the land, sea and air borders, in addition to the Citizens Services Centers and offices affiliated to General Department for Residence Affairs.

Source: Arab Times

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