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Residents express ‘frustration’ over increased bus ticket fares
January 4, 2017, 8:39 am

A number of Kuwaiti citizens and expatriates expressed frustration over the bad conditions of the public transportation buses and the increased ticket charges. Kuwaiti citizen Ali Al-Saleh said the public transportation buses are in very bad condition and most of them emit smoke that affects public health and the environment of Kuwait. He stressed that absence of monitoring is the main reason behind such miserable conditions of the buses.

Expatriate Hosni Al-Adli explained that the public transportation buses are just like scrap. A passenger onboard a bus will feel like he is sitting on a trampoline instead of a bus. He stressed that increased ticket charges negatively affect the low salaried passengers especially laborers. Another expatriate Mohammad Nasser said buses are not as common as it seems, as he sometimes has to wait for about two hours to get a bus.

Expatriate Silah revealed that the buses are too crowded especially during the rush hours. Kuwaiti citizen Nawaf Al-Faisal expressed resentment over the uncivilized situation of the buses in comparison to the buses in the other Gulf countries such as Qatar and Dubai.

He urged the concerned authorities to penalize companies that commit violations through the use of such poor-conditioned buses, which give the impression that they are carrying animals and not human beings.

Awatif Abdullah revealed that she started taking the bus after the taxi charges were increased. However, the ticket charges of buses have been increased while the bus service is not good. She insisted on the need to add more buses before increasing the ticket charges.

Source: Arab Times

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xyz  Posted on : January 06, 2017 12:36 pm
Since the bus charges, also in sandwiches shop the also increased the mushal prize.
Jonathan Pongos Rebecca  Posted on : January 04, 2017 9:26 pm
INCREASE BUS FARE? Unfair to us common people who are low earner and above all it was very embarrassing in sense of collecting higher cost of bus ticket but the services are very poor. I think the best remedy is to upgrade first the buses before implementing the bus fare increases.

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