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Residents of Grenada Area object ‘passports’ building construction
August 29, 2015, 10:09 am

Residents of Grenada area expressed to the Capital Governor (ret) Lieutenant General Thabet Al-Muhanna their objection concerning the selection of a location in Block 3 of the area for the construction of the Citizenship and Passports Department’s new building. They complained that the project will increase the traffic congestion in the area. Acting Director General of Kuwait Municipality Eng Abdullah Al-Ammadi sent an urgent letter to the Chairman of the Municipal Council Muhalhil Al-Khalid for information and feedback in this regard.

According to the letter, the council approved the allocation of a land of area 1000 square meters for the construction of a 10-storey building. The land has been handed over to the authority in-charge of the project execution. Regarding the residents’ complaint, Eng Al- Ammadi said the road network of the area can be expanded later, as deemed fit by the authority. He indicated that the area has necessary social services such as public garden, nursery and citizens’ service center but it doesn’t have any administrative building, adding that there is no justification to the complaint of the residents. The council chairman has referred Al- Ammadi’s letter to the Capital Governorate Committee for appropriate decision regarding this issue.

Source: Arab Times

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