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Residents of Jleeb building suffering without electricity
April 29, 2015, 12:26 pm

Residents of a building in Jleeb Al-Shoyoukh have undergone mental stress and anguish for almost a week, due to the failure of the building owner to pay the electricity bill. The building, which has 85 rooms housing children and families, has been made unliveable for residents with the weather reaching high temperatures. Residents have had to throw out spoiled food because their refrigerators are not working, and some children have taken ill after being subjected to oppressive heat. 

Among their complaints, residents bemoan their inability to get proper sleep and blame the buiding owner for their plight. As the electricity is inclusive of the rent, residents feel that they are entitled to electricity, but they have been denied due to the mismanagement while the Haris continues to stall. 

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