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Resignation threat over nudity, bikinis
June 1, 2014, 8:47 am

Chairperson of the Parliamentary Negative Phenomenon Committee MP Hamdan Al-Azmi was baffled with news about MP Nabil Al- Fadhli in relation to a statement he issued to resign from the parliament if the proposal to prohibit ‘’nudity’’ and wearing of bikinis in public swimming pools, beaches and hotels is endorsed by the parliament, reports Al-Rai daily.

In a statement, MP Al-Azmi prayed for the welfare of Al- Fadhli and implored Allah the Almighty to grant him recovery and guidance, adding that MP Al- Fadhli is a member of the negative phenomenon committee, and it would have been better for him to attend the committee’s meetings to object to the proposal on barring nudity and wearing of bikinis, which was attended by MPs Saleh Al-Ashour and Saud Al Hureinij.

Al-Azmi added that, wearing indecent clothing is neither in religion nor the law or traditions, and every noble Kuwaiti would not allow it, because the people of Kuwait were brought up on this beloved land and they all agree that the phenomenon is alien and has crept to the society, so it is every citizen’s obligation to fight the phenomenon to protect the heritage of the society from deviation.

Earlier, MP Nabil Al-Fadhli Al-Watan Arabic daily quoted MP Nabil Al-Fadhli as saying Government is not obliged to implement the proposal approved by Negative Phenomenon Committee of the National Assembly barring nudity and the wearing of bikini inside hotels, swimming pools and other public places, as the MP vowed to resign from the parliament if the proposal is endorsed by the assembly.

MP Nabil Al-Fadhli described the bill as “retarded”, and believes that the parliament will not endorse what he described as ‘’silly bill’’ that breaches personal freedoms, indicating the people will be compelled to swim with suit or ‘’dishdasha’’ if the parliament endorses the ‘’shameful bill’’.

He vowed to resign from the parliament because he believes he wasn’t voted there to endorse bills that are retarding and backward. Moreover, he respects those who voted for his political ideology and thoughts, which are far away from condescending legislation.

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