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Reveal names of Tycoons involved in billions fraud
June 16, 2015, 8:42 am

MP Ahmad Al-Qudhaibi has shown his intention to request the Parliament to devote part of the next session for Minister of Oil, State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Dr. Ali Al-Omair to disclose the ‘dangerous information’ he mentioned in his statement on May 29, 2015 about the tycoons who want to control the country’s resources, reports Al-Rai daily.

Minister Al-Omair was quoted as saying, “When he took charge of the Oil Ministry, the adversaries who have taken advantage and won tenders worth billions of dinars began to tremble.” He said, based on the statement issued by the minister, there is no doubt that he has some information regarding those tycoons who have won tenders illegally.

By his statement it is evident that he is well aware about the people he has referred to since he is speaking as the top official in the oil sector. He added, the minister has to disclose the names of the persons involved in these tenders and the names of officials who have helped them to get these tenders illegally to pave the way to refer these people to the Public Prosecution.

Asked if he has prepared any points to grill the Oil Minister, Al-Qudhaibi said he has not made any official announcement. In the same context, MP Faisal Al- Kandari has warned a financial crisis may hit the oil sector similar to what happened to the Dow Chemical, since a number of construction companies are asking the oil sector to pay nearly KD 1 billion from the State Treasury because of loopholes committed by Kuwait Oil Company.

In a press statement, Al-Kandari said, he has submitted a bunch of queries to the Minister of Oil regarding what was published in some local newspapers about an imminent crisis following demands by construction companies to the KOC to pay about KD1 billion. He indicated the aim of submitting queries is to attract the attention of all officials to protect public funds because the country cannot afford another scandal of the like of Dow Chemical.

According to Al-Seyassah daily, he has asked the minister to disclose the value of contracts which have been signed with the foreign companies and contractors. This is in addition to the claims of companies which do not have direct or indirect contracts with the KOC inside or outside Kuwait. He also asked about the basis and systems applied to submit claims.

Are there byelaws and concerned committees to look into such claims? Is there any shortage in the implementation of projects by KOC officials? Has a committee been formed to look into the value of the recent claims filed against KOC?” he asked. He also wants to know if the KOC has taken any steps against the companies which have violated the terms of the contracts or against the companies which have filed cases against it.

What is the role of KOC legal experts in the face of compensation claims filed against the company in courts? How much money did KOC pay for contractors because of lost claims? What are the reasons for loss? He also asked the minister to provide him copies of all correspondence between KOC and the Burgan Company concerning the discount made available due to financial fines on the two contracts – Contract No 40524 and No 42766 which was initiated during the tenure of the former administration.

He asked the minister to provide him with a copy of the demand submitted by Burgan Company to reduce the value of the fines and the amount of fine. “What are the basis and mechanism which the company implies to add any article or service to the contracts?” he asked.

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